Automaton "Monkey-conjuror"

    Automaton "Monkey-conjuror"



    Papier-mache, leather, wood, metal, fabric, ivory; sewing, turning, woodwork

    64 х 43 х 43 cm, 5 kg


    Figure of monkey-magician with long blond hair in magician's clothes is fixed on quadrangular stand that is covered with brown velvet. It stands on round feet. The monkey is wearing the embroidered light green sleeveless robe with silver galloon and sequins and lacy shirt. Tall conical cap is on its head. Small table with a chessboard table top, on four curvaceous feet, closed by red fabric, decorated with tassels and gold cord is in front of the monkey. The monkey holds the tapered shells made of black paper in its hands. Keyhole is in the right side, activating button is on the top side. After the movement is turned on, the monkey's figure comes into motion – its head descends and rises, turns right and left, the monkey imitates talking. Its hands with shells rise and descend – first right hand, then left one, then both together. Wooden balls and dice under the shells appear, disappear and change places. The moment when the shells are lowered to the table, the movement that is hidden under the table swaps the objects, after that the hands of the magician with the shells rise and spectators see a new combination.

    After five cycles, the combinations of objects are repeated once more.