Musical automaton "Lira player"

    Musical automaton "Lira player"

    France, Paris


    Roullet & Decamps

    Papier mache, fabric, wood; sewing, colouring, mechanical work

    Height: 69 cm, 7 kg


    Standing upon  red velvet covered base is a handsome man representing a Mexican mariachi singer, having leather-covered papier mache head with very rich ebony complexion, brown glass eyes, leather eyelids, painted features, open mouth with two rows of teeth, black fleecy hair, carton torso and legs, wire upper arms, papier mache hands. The man is wearing the original mariachi costume comprised of elaborately decorated silk shirt and fitted trousers, wide tie, silk shoulder shawl, and matching feathered hat. He carries a seven-string guitar of fine fruitwood.
    When wound the automaton moves his head in a nodding and circular fashion, blinks his eyes, and strums the guitar in realistic manner, while music plays.