Automaton "Girl on tricycle"

    Automaton "Girl on tricycle"

    France, Paris

    circa 1900

    Roullet & Decamps

    Papier-mache, porcelain, wood, metal, fabric; sewing, wickerwork, presswork, painting

    23 х 13.5 х 20 сm

    Mark with inscription in quadrangle: “RD Dépose”


    Automaton in the form of a girl is sitting in an armchair with wicker back on tricycle with silvery coloured wheels. Mechanism in black metal case with mark is fitted under the armchair. Its spring motor is wound with a long rod key on the left side. A bracket, a plug with white colour spiral elements, white wheel on the steering tube and rudder are on the footrest in front. The girl has blue eyes, earrings in her ears, bow on her neck, and cap with a visor on her fair hair. She is dressed in red promenade suit. Yellow blouse with high collar is under the jacket. Red shoes and black socks are on her feet. The right hand rests on the rubber; a bell is in her left hand. Girl’s head, neck and arms are from biscuit - unglazed porcelain.

    When the movement is wound and the key removed, the tricycle with the girl moves in along the circle, her left hand descends and rises, the bell rings.