Musical automaton "Chef"

    Musical automaton "Chef"


    circa 1880

    Roullet & Decamps

    Porcelain, fabric (silk, velvet, cotton), wood, metal; painting, lathe


    Automaton "Chef", with bisque head stamped in red Déposé Tête Jumeau, Bte. S.G.D.G. 4, straight neck, closed mouth, fixed brown paperweight eyes, arched and feathered brows, pierced ears, cork pate, and later silk-floss wig, standing by a painted-tin stove, one bisque hand brandishing a wine bottle, the other resting on the lid of a copper pot, on velvet-covered base with going-barrel movement playing one tune and causing the chef to bring the bottle to his mouth twice in succession, and then look from side to side as he lifts the pot lid to reveal a white fur-covered dog attempting to escape, in the original pale pink and cream satin chef's outfit, pleated blouse, matching hat and apron trimmed with peach silk ribbons, lace and metal-thread braid.