Automaton "Buffalo Bill"

    Automaton "Buffalo Bill"

    France, Paris


    Vichy, Gustave

    Wood, fabric, beads, papier-mâché, cardboard, leather; painting, carving, mechanical work

    Height 71 cm


    Standing upon a flat velvet-covered platform is a tall and slender gentleman posed in a cocksure manner. He has paper-mache head with highly personalized features, hand-blown brown paperweight glass eyes, two rows of ivory teeth, leather eyelids, hinged jaw, hair, moustache and beard of brunette human hair, carton torso and legs, and has a hidden "smoking" system that moves through internal rubber tubing, activated by key wound pneumatic bellows in the torso. He is wearing his original tan suede jacket with beaded decorations, matching fitted trousers, black leather tall boots with straps and buckles, black leather fitted gloves that flare widely at the wrists, silk shirt and tie, wide leather belt, pressed wool felt Western hat and carries wooden rifle with leather strap. He is handling a cigarette holder in a dandified manner.

    Animations: Buffalo Bill opens and closes his eyelids as though anticipating the smoke he is about to take, turns his head from side to side, leans head down, and lifts the cigarette holder to his mouth. He inhales. Then he lowers his arm, tilts his head back in satisfaction, and exhales in a very realistic manner.