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Coin operated barrel orchestrion, with two keys

    Coin operated barrel orchestrion, with two keys

    Great Britain, London

    The 1900s, barrel - after 1927

    Manufacture de Pianos Automatiques & Orchestrions Pierre Van Roy, Pasquale & Co Ltd.

    Metal, wood, felt, stained glass, mirror; mechanical and carpentry works, polishing, woodcarving, faceting

    167 x 127 x 72 cm

    On the front panel: ".JOSEPH DUVOSEL. / .39 RUE DE DESTELBERGEN. / .MONT SIAMAND." on the sound board: "MANUFACTURE DE PIANOS AUTOMATIQUES & ORCHESTRIONS / RĖPARATIONS & ACCORDS / Pierre VAN ROY / 121, Rue Bara, 121 - BRUXELLES-MIDI", "2359", on pinned wooden barrel: "MANUFACTURE DE PIANOS / ORCHESTRIONS AUTOMATIQUES / ". Pierre VAN ROY / RUE MEULESCHETTE, 12, ALOST", on the label: "STE CLE INTLE DE L'ĖDITION PHONOGRAPHIQUE" (Syndicat National de l'Édition Phonographique (Music Guide), 80 Rue T? bout PARIS", "Cylindre #24"


    Coin operated orchestrion in varnished wooden case decorated with carved patterns and delicate frames along the panels’ outlines, stained textured glass windows in goldish-coloured bindings, mirrors with facets and polychrome female portraits, with protruding forward middle section on carved consoles, on four movable supports. Curved attic with the portrait of a girl with a rose in her hair, in the figured frame, stained glass windows and ornately shaped mirrors with facets.

    Front panel is detachable, with lock, six faceted mirrors in the form of petals; stained glass windows splited by joining strokes, the portreit of a smiling girl in circular frame made of green patterned glass, the inscription with information of the vendor is beneath. Goldish brass plate with a coin slot, the image of a branch and the inscription '25 CMES' is on the left hand side. Removable circular lid of the pinned barrel is with metal grip. The case protruding central section is with four petals shaped faceted mirrors, with the circular mirror in the center, stained glass panels and ornately shaped mirrors on the sides. Soundboard with pins and stretched strings, with the serial number "2359", the notes’ designation, the maker’s mark and the sticker with the information about the restorer that is glued above the previous inscription, is inside. A metallophone with eight hammers is to the left. Pinned wooden barrel with the manufacturer’s mark  and mark of the organization dealing with the protection of neighbouring rights and copyrights in the French recording industry (Syndicat national de l’édition phonographique) is under the lid of the protruding central section with goldish patterns. Movable bar with felt-covered swinging hammers with keys is behind the barrel. Goldish onlay with the barrel rotation speed-adjusting screw is on the on the left lateral side. Spring movement winding handle, tune changer rotary knob, indicator of tune numbers from 0 to 9 and a hand are on the left lateral side as well. Detachable panel with lock with carved goldish pattern and stained-glass window depicting a genre scene in the frame of green texture glass with four petal shaped mirrors is between the panels. Coin selector is on the left inner side. All panels with stained-glass windows and mirrors are bordered by vertical ribbed bars and are closed with cardboard from the inner side. The orchestrion musical movement is activated by a twenty-five centimes coin. The movement consists of 48-tone string mechanism, 8-tone metallophone, pinned barrel with ten tunes and spring engine with centrifugal governor. Geared rim connected with the driving gear is on the barrel left flat end. Solid drawer is on the rear left bottom side, draped with black fabric.
    Two keys are in the set. Musical media: pinned wooden barrel.