Player Pianos

Player piano

    Player piano

    Belgium, Ghent


    L. Moeremans

    Mahogany, brass, metal; carving, lathe, casting

    130 x 79 x 166 cm, 300 kg

    Inscription on metal plate under music stand: "L. MOEREMANS 60, RUE DE FFANDREGAND"


    Piano of classical form, veneered with mahogany, richly decorated with curlicue relief carved elements, brass handles on the sides and rollers attached to the bottom of the body for easy movement of the instrument. The keyboard is protruded in front of the case on key-bottom support, supplemented in the center by five rosettes in the form of petals of a blossoming flower; lateral sides are decorated with slotted carving with composition of flowers and leaves. Lateral outer cantilevers with vertical corrugation and twisted laurel garlands support the keyboard. Eighty-eight keys, two metal knobs are to the left of the keys. The top lid closes the keyboard, music stand is attached to its inner side. The carved foliage shape panel in front of the keyboard is removable, three levers with inscriptions are behind it: "FORTE / BASSE / PIANI / DESSUS" to the left, one lever and a knob to the right: "LENT / VITESSE / VITE / ACCENT". A sliding door is in the bottom part of the piano. Music movement with paper perforated roll is hidden behind it. Metal regulator with letters: "O" and "F" is to the left; metal plate with a scale from "0" to "120" and from "10" to "110", with inscription: "Brevete S. G. D. G. PARIS" is beneath the movement, metal lever-handle with inscription: "SILENCE" is to the right. The door is framed by rectangular profile along the perimeter, with lateral figured panels decorated with round elements, semi-circular carved onlay in the center, ornated with a plate in the form of a lyre with laurel branches. The facade upper part is divided into three segments. Lateral sides are complemented with two large and small ovals, decorated with a tied bow on the top, figured brass brackets attached to the center, paired candlesticks are fixed on them. Piano is finished with semi-circular top with a tied ribbon in the form of laurel twigs with a laurel wreath in the center, braided ropes decorate the perimeter. The piano has two pedals for amplification and weakening the sound. Music media: paper music roll.