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Orchestrion "Clavitist Universal"

    Orchestrion "Clavitist Universal"

    Germany, Leipzig


    Hupfeld, Ludwig, A.G.

    Wood (oak, maple), brass, glass, beads, mirror; carving, lathe, casting

    145 x 70 x 190 cm


    Сlassical shape, the body is made of solid oak and marple. The keyboard is protruded in front of the case on the key bottom and supported by lateral "columns" ending in chiseled round elements. Eighty-five keys on the key board are closed with a lid, and music stand is fixed on the lid inner side. Rectangular window that is a sliding door, divided by wooden profiles into six sections with faceted glass and decorated with golden lines is in the top of the case. Double columns with golden capitals and bases complement the window sides. The door opens access to paper music roll. A panel with faceted glass is above the rectangular door. A row of thirty metal plates - a xylophone, is behind it. Top façade left and right sides are decorated with mirror lozenge-shaped onlays with brass ornately shaped brackets, paired plafonds, and authentic lamps. The plafonds are decorated with threads of transparent, light green, dark red beads and orange glass beads. Piano is finished with ornately shaped top with carved onlay in the form of "shell" with leaves. It has two pedals that perform the same functions as in the classical piano.

    Music storage: paper perforated roll.