Player Pianos

Player piano "Orchestrion"

    Player piano "Orchestrion"

    Germany, Waldkirch


    Gebrüder Weber

    Wood (oak), brass, glass, plastic, leather, mirror, beads,; lathe, carving

    160 x 94 x 165 cm, 500 kg

    Inscription on the brass plate in the case upper part center: "C. Marlot 179 BD Mrice Lemonnier (Brux)"


    Orchestrion body is veneered with oak wood, is of classical shape. Keyboard is extended in front of the case on the key-bottom and supported by lateral external columns ending with knobs on the sides, with balustrade. Keyboard with eighty-five keys is closed with lid. A music stand is attached to the lid inner surface. The upper part is divided into four small rectangular segments separated by wooden profiles. Two swing doors, decorated with three differently shaped faceted mirrors hide the movement - a perforated roll and three wooden panels with the intarsia beneath. Two electric lamps fixed on brass curly brackets, the lampshades, made of strings of translucent orange glass bugles with white transparent beads are on the upper facade sides. The authentic ornately shaped lamp is on the right side. Brass plate with inscription: "C. Marlot 179 BD Mrice Lemonnier (Brux)” covered with faceted glass and attached to the case by two ornately shaped transparent screw-heads is in the case upper part center. The body ends with a figure top, complemented by round and square elements at the corners and in the center. Orchestrion has two pedals. The set includes twenty-eight paper perforated rolls.