Player Pianos

Player piano "Steinway Pianola Piano"

    Player piano "Steinway Pianola Piano"

    USA, New-York


    Steinway & Sons; The Aeolian Company

    Wood (walnut), metal, glass; lathe

    160 x 80 x 135 cm, 400 kg

    Inscriptions on keyboard lid inner surface: "Steinway Pianola Piano"; on soundboard: "STEINWAY & SONS NEW-YORK HAMBURG REG. US. PAT. OFF"; inside the case on metal frame: "THE AEOLIAN COMPANY HID/PARIS, HONDRES, NEW YORK"; stamp: "159194"


    Piano case is veneered with walnut wood, of classical shape with four pedals and upper lid. Keyboard is extended in front of the case on the key-bottom and supported by lateral external fluted columns Keyboard with eighty-eight keys is closed with the lid. Inscription is on its inner surface: "Steinway Pianolo Piano". The music stand is hidden inside the top part of the instrument. Movement is in the center of the façade upper part: paper roll covered with glass and a scale with graduations from 10 to 150 and from 20 to 140. Two pedals amplifying and weakening the sound, as well as a folding door with a handle, hiding two pedals with letters: "P / P" are in the center of the bottom part. Two pedals activate the movement.

    The set includes nineteen paper rolls.

    Music storage: paper perforated roll.