Player Pianos

Player piano "Steinway Pianola Piano"

    Player piano "Steinway Pianola Piano"

    Great Britain, Hayes, Middlesex


    Steinway & Sons; The Aeolian Company

    Wood (walnut), metal, glass, leather, felt; wood carving, carpentry, varnishing

    135 x 160 x 80 cm, 400 kg

    Inscriptions on keyboard lid inner surface: "Steinway Pianola Piano"; on key bottom support: "S STEINWAY & SONS NEW YORK HAMBURG REG. US. PAT. OFF. "; on the soundboard: "The Aeolian Company Ltd/ Paris, Londres, New York”; on the pedals: “Р/Р”; on the air-operated device: “46262”


    Piano in in walnut veneered case, in the form of a classical piano on the support rollers. The keyboard is supported by carved stands, two piano pedals and pedals of the pneumatic device are below. The keyboard with eighty-eight keys is covered with lid with padlock and golden inscription on the inner side: “Steinway Pianola Piano”. Folding music stand is located under the case top lid. Roll drive mechanism with tracker bar, receiving coil, coil with paper music roll and tune tempo scale with numbers from 10 to 150 through 10 units are installed behind the front removable panel above the keyboard with the central window with sliding glass. Pedals’ drive mechanism extending into the operating position is installed in the case bottom part under the keyboard, behind the folding lid with the handle. The set includes nineteen paper music rolls. Music media: paper music roll.