Player Pianos

Orchestrion "Organette"

    Orchestrion "Organette"




    Wood (walnut), metal, fabric (velvet), leather, glass, mother of pearl; lathe, carving, casting

    165 x 150 cm, 500 kg

    Inscription on plastic plate on façade centre "Wurlitzer Organette"


    Wooden piano decorated with walnut veneer, of classic form with built-in organ movement. Manuals are protruded in front of the case on the key bottom and supported by side exterior consoles. Piano with two manuals, the bottom one is with eighty-eight keys, on upper one – with sixty-one keys. Nine metal switches with inscriptions: “Piano”, “Manual”, “Coupler”, “Trembo”, “Mandolin”, “Bourdon”, “Flute”, “Quintadena”, “Salicional” are above the upper manual; four mother of pearl buttons are on both sides of the switches: “Start”, “Stop”, on the left side, “Change”, “ReRoll” – in the right side. Vertical wooden blinds, concealing two glass sections with movement - paper rolls, close Façade upper part. Metal cornice with two burgundy velvet curtains is above the movement. The piano has three pedals. The set includes thirty-three paper rolls. Music media: paper music roll.