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Reproducing grand piano “Steinway Welte-Mignon”

    Reproducing grand piano “Steinway Welte-Mignon”

    Germany, Freiburg


    Steinway & Sons, M. Welte & Söhne G.m.b.H.

    Wood, metal, ivory; carpentry and mechanical work, casting, polishing

    grand piano 210 x1 58 x 101 cm; pump 82 x 40 x 50 cm, piano 420 kg; pump 40 kg

    On the lid inner side: “STEINWAY-WELTE”, “P. ANTHONIS- ANVERS”; on the key bottom support: “STEINWAY”, “MINIATURE REG. U.S. PAT. OFF.”, “STEINWAY & SONS NEW YORK HAMBURG”, “PATENT GRAND CONSTRUCTION 30. OCT. 1899”, “211397”, “O”; on the trademark: “STEINWAY & SONS”, “NEW YORK”, “TRADE MARKS/HAMBURG / REGISTERED/U.S.PAT.OFF.”; beneath: “TUBULAR METALLIC ACTION FRAME PAT.”, “OP”, “29”, “4”, “N”,“2090”; on the plates: “Lent Normal Vite ”, “Retour/Jell”, “Abst. Vorpneumatik”, “Vorventil Bass.”, “Vorventil Diskant”, “Windm. Regulator”, “Windm. Zurück”, “Windm. Spiel.”, “Abstellen”, “Zurück”, on the motor: “D.R.G.M. / Jede Nachtbildung wird strafrechtlich verfolt”, “Juka”, “Junghanns & Kolosche, Leipzig“, “Wechselstrom HWC…”


    Reproducing grand piano in black wooden case of the classical shape, on three supports on casters. Lyre back-stay with two pedals is on the front side. The grand piano is closed by the hinged double lid; musical stand for notes with openwork pattern and frame-shaped support is under the lid. A keyboard with eighty-eight keys is closed by a flap-cover with lock and golden color inscriptions on the inner side “STEINWAY – WELTE/ P.ANTHONIS - ANVERS”. Opening upwards lid with slotted central part is behind the keyboard. It covers the pneumatic assembly, tracker bar and tape drive mechanism with plates above the movement, on/off levers, tunes' playback and sound softness levers. Suction pump with electric motor “Juka” of the Leipzig company “Junghanns & Kolosche” is mounted in the separate housing, that is connected with the grand piano by curl cord and two-pole socket. The inscription “P. ANTHONIS- ANVERS” testifies  the involvement of piano manufacturer Paul Anthonis from Antwerp, Belgium. Music media: paper music roll.