Player Pianos

Player piano

    Player piano

    Germany, Leipzig


    A.H. Francke Hof-Pianoforte-Fabrik

    Wood, metal, felt, leather, glass; mechanical and carpentry works, polishing, casting

    160 х 133 х 74 cm

    Marks; on cast iron frame: “19534”, “A. H. Francke, Leipzig”; on the keyboard cover inner side: “A. H. Francke, Leipzig” and images of two coat of arms; on the nameplates near control levers: “PEDAL, SOLOIS, PIANO”, “RITARD, ACCELLERANDO, TEMPO, FREI, LAUF, RÜCKROLL”


    Piano in wooden case decorated with black piano lacquer. Ivory and ebony keys are closed by the hinged lid, fallboard, with the inlaid name of the manufacturer on the inner side. Narrow shelf with the system of paper music rolls activating control levers and buttons is in front of the keys. Levers are closed by narrow hinged profiled lid. Black nameplates with inscriptions are near control levers. Key-bottom support is fixed on paired rectangular consoles, standing on protruding feet with supporting rollers. Wooden board above the keyboard with three panels closes the case front side. Rectangular window closed with transparent glass sliding frame is in the middle panel. Tape drive mechanism with coil for paper music roll and tracker bar with the row of rectangular apertures is mounted behind the window. Tempo indicator with graduated scale and Italian titles for musical tempo is in front of the tape drive mechanism. Rectangular window closed by the sliding curtain is in the center of the bottom panel. Retractable pedals activating main bellows of pneumatic system are behind the window. The piano reproduces melodies recorded on paper music rolls with 88 rows of apertures. One can play the instrument like on the ordinary piano. The piano is equipped with attached external electric compressor of a later production, mounted in the separate casing.