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Orchestrion "Helios Orchestra Piano"

    Orchestrion "Helios Orchestra Piano"

    Germany, Leipzig


    Hupfeld, Ludwig, A.G.

    Wood, metal, glass, plastic; mechanical and carpentry works, casting, wood carving

    15 х 81 х 190 cm, 380 kg

    Marks: on the clap inner side: “Hupfeld-Helios”, on celluloid nameplates: “mm ff”, “an Schlagzeug ab”, “an Harfe ab”, “an Cello Violine ab”, “TEMPO”


    Orchestrion in wooden varnished case finished with oak veneer. The case is made in the shape of enlarged piano. Paired rectangular consoles standing on protruded feet on supporting wheels hold the rim and the keyboard. Keys made of plastic and ebony are closed with the hinged lid with the inlaid names of the manufacturer and the instrument on the inner side. Front upper panel is divided into separate sections with straight onlays decorated by carved ornaments .The compartment with tape drive mechanism and tracking bar for paper music roll is above the keyboard. The button for activating the orchestrion and volume control lever with celluloid nameplate are on the compartment left side. Three register switches with nameplates and tempo regulator with the scale graduated from 10 to 110 are on the top side of the compartment. The sliding lid closes compartment. The lid and panels to the right and to the left of it are decorated by thin carved frames in the form of a chain of beads. Horizontal octagonal window with faceted glass, through which wooden hammers and shiny plates of metallophone are visible, is on the panel above. Two carved rectangular onlays are on the window sides. Wall lamps with colored glass bead shades and cast bronze brackets are on façade lateral panels. Narrow vertical rhomboid mirrors are mounted on the panel beneath wall lamps. Wall lamps and metallophone internal illumination is activated while the orchestrion is operating. The orchestrion is comprised of the following instruments -piano, organ, large and tenor drums, cymbal, metallophone. Music reproducing and tracking bar systems are pneumatic, powered by bellows driven with electric motors, mounted in the orchestrion bottom part.
    Music media: paper music roll