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Orchestrion "Hupfeld-Sinfonie-Jazz-Orchester"

    Orchestrion "Hupfeld-Sinfonie-Jazz-Orchester"

    Germany, Leipzig

    The 1920s

    Hupfeld, Ludwig, A.G.

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, fabric; varnishing, polishing, carpentry

    225 x 73 x 136 cm, 490 kg

    Marks: inscription on the keyboard cover inner lid: “Hupfeld - Sinfonie-Jazz-Orchestrer”; on the plates: “an Schlagzeug ab”, “an SAXOPHON ab”, “Zurück”, “Achtung! Wichtig!”, “Das Gebläse muẞ pro Minute/ Touren Zählen…”, “TEMPO”, on the motor nameplate: “Gebr. Kaiser. A.-G. Leipzig./ Elektromotoren/ Mod. PWS No 10417/ P8 ¼ n 14000 A / v. 110/120 Per 30 kW 0,184”


    Orchestrion is mounted in oak wood case that consists of two parts, upper and lower, with a stop water of green fabric between them, on four movable supports. The lower part of the case is made in the form of a classical piano; consoles with round and oval apertures support the keyboard. Two pedals are at the bottom. The keyboard with eighty-eight keys is covered with a lid with lock, a music stand and a gold-colored inscription: “Hupfeld-Sinfonie-Jazz Orchester” on the inner ide. The volume control lever to the keyboard right in the slot, trimmed with red cloth. The front panels under and above the keyboard are divided into three paneled sections.

    The middle sections are sliding, the lower one gives access to bellows, electric motor and drive mechanism, the upper one - to the tape drive mechanism with paper music roll, percussion instruments’ activating, imitation of the saxophone sound and the scale of changing the melody reproduction rate with the inscriptions in German. Oval paneled medallions are on the lateral sides. The front removable panel of the upper part is also divided into three sections with panels and cut patterns, covered with red fabric from the inner side. A large drum with three padded sticks and a damper, a snare drum with two padded sticks and a damper, wooden block, nine bells with hammers, large cymbal with felt silencer, two small cymbals, a set of reeds and a triangle. When the melody ends, paper music roll stops automatically. Up to ten melodies can be recorded on the paper roll. Music media: paper music roll.