Player Pianos

Piano orchestrion

    Piano orchestrion

    USA, Boston


    Vоsе & Sons

    Wood (walnut), glass, stained glass, metal, leather, white color metal; turning, engraving, soldering, varnishing

    156 x 69 x 41 cm, 300 kg

    Inscriptions: on soundboard "ESTAB./1851.//TRADE MARK./VOSE & SONS/BOSTON". On the lateral sides: medals commemorating discovery of America (1492) by Christopher Columbus (1451-1506). Obverse: life-size image of Christopher Columbus stepping arrogantly on the newly discovered land - America. Three companions are following him, one of them is holding a flattering banner in his hands. Inscription is in the right corner, the so-called legend: "CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS OCT. XII MCCCCXCII" (Christopher Columbus 12.10.1492). Reverse: memorial plate with inscription: "WORLDS COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION IN COMMEMORATION OF THE FOUR HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LANDING OF COLUMBUS MDCCCXCIM/MDCCCXCIII./VOSE & SONS", framed with burning torches (symbols of life and mind), the globe, supported by allegorical winged female figures is above: "Glory" with a trumpet is on the left. "History" writing something on the plate is on the right. A floating carvel is beneath the plate. On the onlay with coin slot: “DEPOSIT 25 ¢ QUARTERS ONLY”. On the pedals: “R”, “A”, “M”


    Orchestrion of classical piano form, veneered with walnut wood on support rollers. Keyboard is extended in front of the case on the key-bottom support and held by lateral external fluted columns. Three pedals with letters “R”, “A”, “M” are beneath it. The keyboard with eighty-eight keys is closed with a locked double flap with, a music stand and company trademark of golden color “Vose & Sons” on the sound deck. The front removable panel above the keyboard with two handles is attached to the body with locks and hooks and is framed with rectangular inset with carved ornament in the shape of leaves and royal lilies and a glazed window with stained glass. Metal onlay with coin slot and the inscription: “DEPOSIT 25 QUARTERS ONLY” is in the upper right corner. Piano mechanism is installed behind the panel, a metallophone with twenty-five plates and a copper plate is in front of it. The company trademark and the image of the medal obverse and reverse are on the mechanism key frame. The medal was received by Vose & Sons at the World Exhibition in memory of the 400th anniversary of America discovery.

    Blue electric bulb is mounted on top; a switch is on the right. Percussion instruments are in the lower part under the keyboard behind the removable glazed panel: a snare drum with two padded sticks, bass drum with three padded sticks and a tambourine, an electric light bulb is on top. Between them there is roll drive mechanism with a receiving coil, tracker bar, a software-tape reel and a motor with a gearbox, on the left a suction pump connected by ducts to the pneumatic system of the instrument, and an electrical switch. Tape drive mechanism with receiving coil, receiving, brass line, coil with paper music roll, and motor with a gearbox, on the left-hand side is a sucking pump connected to the pneumatic system of the instrument by ducts, and electrical switch. Mains operated power 110 volts, black wire with a bipolar plug. The set includes two paper music rolls.
    Music media: paper perforated roll.