Player Pianos




    circa 1920

    Vоsе & Sons

    Wood (walnut), glass, metal, leather, brass; carving, lathe, engraving

    156 x 69 x 41 cm, 300 kg

    Hallmarks: inscriptions on soundboard "ESTAB./1851.//TRADE MARK./VOSE & SONS/BOSTON" . On the sides of medal in honor of America discovery (1492) by Christopher Columbus (1451-1506). Obverse: Christopher Columbus is depicted in ful height stepping arrogantly on the newly discovered land - America. Three companions are following him, one of them is holding a flattering banner in his hands. Inscription is in the right corner, the so-called legend: "CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS OCT. XII MCCCCXCII" (Christopher Columbus 12.10.1492). Reverse: a memorial plate with inscription: "WORLDS COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION IN COMMEMORATION OF THE FOUR HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LANDING OF COLUMBUS MDCCCXCIM/MDCCCXCIII./VOSE & SONS.", (IN THE WORLD OF COLUMBUS. EXHIBITION IN HONOUR OF THE 400TH ANNIVERSARY OF COLUMBUS' LANDING ON THIS EARTH). Both sides of the inscription are adorned by burning torches (symbols of life and mind), the globe, supported by allegorical winged female figures: on the left - "Glory" with a trumpet, on the right - "History" writing on a plate. A floating carvel is beneath the plate


    Orchestrion of classical piano form, veneered with walnut wood. Keyboard is extended in front of the case on the key-bottom and supported by lateral external fluted columns. Keyboard with eighty-eight keys is closed with the lid. Inscription is on its inner side: "Vose & Sons". Façade bottom part with glass revealing a music movement: big drum with two hammers, small one with three hammers and tambourine, perforated paper roll is in the center. Facade upper part is a door with two handles on both sides. A wooden frame with a stained-glass window in it complements the door in the middle. Metallophone with twenty-five plates is behind it, cymbal is to the left. Carved floral ornament is on the frame corners. Coin box with engraving: "Deposit 25 ¢ Quarters only" is in the upper right corner. The piano has three pedals, side pedals - amplify and weaken the sound, the middle one - activates the moderator. Rollers for the instrument transportation are attached below.

    Music storage: paper perforated roll.