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Orchestrion "Reproduco"

    Orchestrion "Reproduco"

    USA, Chicago


    Operators Piano Co.

    Wood (walnut), metal, plastic, leather, fabric (felt); lathe, carving, casting

    160 x 90 x 150 cm, 400 kg

    Inscription on façade between manuals: "The Operators Piano Co. Chicago"


    Wooden piano decorated with walnut veneer, of classic form with built-in organ movement. Manuals are protruded in front of the case on the key bottom and supported by side exterior consoles. Piano with two manuals, the bottom one is with eighty-eight keys, the upper one – with sixty-one keys. Four metal switches with inscriptions: "Diapason", "Flute", "Quintadena", "Tremolo" are on the left side of the upper manual. Three switches are on the right side: "Piano", "Release", and "Rewind". Two buttons are on the wooden panel on the right side and inscription in the center. Body upper part is divided into two sections, the right one serves a sliding door with a handle, movement is hidden inside. Piano has three pedals; one of them opens the channel in the bottom. Rollers for moving the instrument are fixed on the bottom. The set includes twelve paper music rolls and air duct. Music media: paper music roll.