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Orchestrion "Phonoliszt-Violina Model B"

    Orchestrion "Phonoliszt-Violina Model B"

    Germany, Leipzig

    Circa 1925

    Hupfeld, Ludwig, A.G.

    Wood, metal, glass, fabric, beads; carving

    170 х 83 х 265 cm, 620 kg


    Orchestrion "Phonoliszt-Violina Model B" is mounted in wooden case, the case upper part is decorated with carved knobs and carved semi-circular protrusion, the inscription "Hupfeld" is on its top. The protrusion has three wooden carved doors with a keyhole and is covered with light blue cloth from inside. Three violins are placed inside with the necks down. A movable panel with a handle, which opens access to the cylinder, is in the central part of the façade. Glass covered plate with a scale from 10 to 110 and the inscription "Tempo", a metal lever and four wooden buttons for tuning violins with the inscription "Coloph., D, a, e" are inside. A sign with the inscription "Zurück" is on the left side. A knob, metal screw and switch with three positions: ff, mzf, pp are below. Two electric lamps, fixed by brass brackets are on the left and right sides of the panel. Dome lamps are made of transparent bugles threads and orange glass beads. There are 88 keys on the piano-board. A music stand for note sheets is on the inner side of the lid, the inscription "Konzert - Phonolist" is under it; a metal sign with the inscription "G. Colombo, Lugano" is in the center, as well as two inscriptions: "Hupfeld" and "Rönisch". Orchestrion has two foot-beaters.
    Music media: paper music roll.