Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box

    Musical box

    Switzerland, Saint Croix

    Circa 1901

    Paillard & Co.

    Wood, metal, glass, paper, fabric

    53.5 х 20.5 х 14 cm; cylinder 28 х 5.4 cm

    On metal nameplate: "C. Paillard & Co Manufacturers Ste Croix - Switzerland". On the fastening bridge left side: "104952", on the right side "G", on the wheel "104952"


    Casket in wooden case, the façade central part and the lid perimeter are decorated with two thin golden lines. The casket is closed by a lid with glass. The interior is painted black. The movement he mechanism is located on the right, the coin changer is located under the lid, coin selector is on the right-hand side. A a golden inscription "Paillard & Co." is behind the cylinder, a scale with Arabic numerals from 1 to 8 and an arrow pointing to the playing melody are on the left. The scale is covered with red cloth form the inner side. The movement is coin activated. While rotating the pins on the cylinder cling to the metal comb plates, causing them to oscillate and produce the required notes.
    The range is 77 tones. Music media: metal cylinder.