Cylinder Musical Boxes

Cylinder musical box

    Cylinder musical box

    Wood (mahogany, walnut, birch), metal, glass; marquetry

    37.5 х 12 х 16.5 cm; cylinder 20.4 х 5 cm

    On metal base inside the case and on the cylinder: "18934"; mark on the key: "19"


    Wooden rectangular casket with lock and two hinged lids – the top one and bottom one with glass. The casket case and top lid are mahogany veneered, framed with birch veneer vein. The lid central part is decorated with rocaille elements with acanthus leaves, palmetta and musical instruments in marquetry technique. The movement consists of a cylinder and a sound comb for 77 tunes. Wound with a key on the case right side. The hinged sidewall opens access to three brass switches: start, stop and change the tunes. It is located on the casket left lateral side. Music media: metal cylinder.