Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with cylinder for six tunes

    Musical box with cylinder for six tunes


    The 1850-1860s

    Alexandre Soualle

    Mahogany, brass, paper

    51 х 14.5 х 17.5 cm

    Inscription on the tunes list: "7114". Mark on musical movement: "7114"


    Wooden rectangular casket with lock and hinged lid. The case and lid top surface are mahogany veneered. The perimeter of the lid external surface is encrusted with metallic vein of golden color. A paper label with a list of tunes is on the lid inner side. The movement consists of a cylinder and a sound comb with 123 tunes. A crank on the case left side winds the musical movement. Two brass switches for activating tunes are on the right side. Cylinder for six tunes. Music media: metal cylinder.