Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with cylinder for eight tunes

    Musical box with cylinder for eight tunes

    Switzerland, Geneva

    Arthur Junod, Jules Kende

    Wood (rose, mahogany, walnut, birch), brass, glass, paper; marquetry

    42 х 21 х 27 cm; cylinder 16 х 4.2 cm

    Mark on the left side of the fastening bridge: "42771", on the cylinder: "3"


    Wooden rectangular casket, with lock and two lids: the top one is hinged, the bottom one is with glass. The casket front side is veneered with nutwood; the perimeter is framed by birch wood and trimmed with rosewood border. The lateral and rear sides and are trimmed with mahogany veneer. The lid top surface is made of walnut veneer and framed with birch veins with a lozenge-shaped pattern inside the marquetry technique. A paper label with a list of melodies is on the lid inner side. The movement is closed with the hinged lid with glass. A cylinder, a sound comb for 43 tones, three paired bells decorated with flowers, with hammers in the shape of butterflies are inside. A crank on the left side winds the musical movement. Two brass switches with the stop/play and change repeat positions are on the right side.
    Cylinder for eight tunes. Music media: metal cylinder.