Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with pinned cylinder for eight tunes

    Musical box with pinned cylinder for eight tunes

    Switzerland, Saint Croix

    circa 1891

    Mermod Frères

    Wood (nutwood, birch), brass, bronze, glass, leather; marquetry, casting

    72.5 x 20.5 x 29.5; cylinder 28.8 x 6.1

    On the right side of the mounting wheel: "2/5934/2?"; on the left "2/57738"; on the cylinder "57738"; on the mounting plate "342"; the cylinders are numbered: "SH 144/62288 H"; "SH 719/62290" on front and on internal sides

    Rectangular wooden box on four feet, a keyhole with metal onlay, two hinged lids: external and internal with glass, with bronze cast handles on both lateral sides. The front side and the lid top surface are veneered with nutwood in marquetry technique, with birch veins and a pattern on the lid. The movement is closed with glass lid and consists of a cylinder and a sound comb for 78 tunes, with melody number indicator, a regulator, and speed indicator. The movement is winded by the crank handle on the right lateral side. The tunes are activated by two switches located inside the box to the right. Three cylinders are in the set.