Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with pinned cylinder

    Musical box with pinned cylinder

    Austria, Vienna

    A. Olbrich

    Wood (mahogany, nutwood, nutwood root, birch), metal; marquetry, presswork, gilding

    35 x 10 x 28.5 cm; cylinder 10.1 x 2.4 cm

    On the sound comb "L. Olbrich in wien", on the bottom "1951/17754"

    Ornately shaped musical box with bevelled corners, with a hinged lid, on four metal feet, with a keyhole. The box is decorated with mahogany and nutwood root veneer inserts. The lid top surface is trimmed with nutwood wood and mahogahy veneer. A floral ornament comprised of birch veneer in marquetry technique and the inscription "Kato" are in the lid center. The lid edge is decorated with gilded metal onlays with an image of a girl playing a guitar, an ornamental rosette with ribbons and floral motifs. The music movement is closed by the lid. A cylinder and 81-tunes sound comb are inside the box to the left. The movement is winded with the key on the case front panel.