Cylinder Musical Boxes

Musical box with carousel

    Musical box with carousel


    Wood, metal, glass, fabric (silk, velvet), mirror, plastic; carving

    36 х 39 х 39 cm, 8.5 kg

    Wooden rectangular case richly decorated with carved foliate ornaments. Façade central part is covered with glass. The internal pedestal is decorated with red velvet, the walls - with mirrors. A carousel with mirror central column is in the center. The dome of the carousel is made of silk with inserts of light green, cream and light pink colours, is decorated along the perimeter with golden colour lace braid from metallized fabric. Wooden seats trimmed with green velvet and decorated with silk curtains are attached to the carousel carcass. Miniature horses with riders are inside the carousel.

    Winding key is on the right lateral, activating lever is on the front side.

    While playing a melody, the carousel rotates around its axis.