Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box “Polyphon No. 54 Mikado”

    Disc musical box “Polyphon No. 54 Mikado”

    Germany, Leipzig


    Polyphon Musikwerke

    Wood, metal, glass; casting, carpentry, veneering, polishing, wood carving, mechanical work

    210 x 85 x 64 cm; disc diameter 62.5 cm, 100 kg

    On the musical movement chassis: “Polyphon”, on the nameplate: “EINWURF 20 Pfennig


    Disc musical box is mounted in vertical walnut veneered wooden case. Door with the arched glazed window is its façade. Chiselled fluted ornately shaped columns with Ionic capitals are on both window sides. Two triangular acoustic windows closed by openwork carved lattices with foliage ornament and covered with red fabric are above the arch. Balustrade with lathe phials at the corners is above massive stepped cornice with the inscription “Polyphon”. Onlay is above the coin slot, a nameplate with the German inscription and a keyhole are on the case right lateral side. Spring motor activated by a dropped coin is mounted inside the case. The glazed casing covers the mechanism. Musical mechanism with two pairs of sound combs, axis and guiding pulley for the pinned disc, clamping rod and sprocket wheel is fixed to the rear panel. The winding crank passes through the aperture in the glass and slides onto vertical shaft located on the movement. The case serves as a resonator. Disc music box is mounted on wooden stand with the façade in the form of hinged paneled door with handle, mortise lock and ornately shaped consoles on the sides. A box with compartments for storing removable pinned discs is fastened to the door inner side. Pullout drawer for coins is skid- mounted in the case right upper inner corner. When the spring movement is winded and a coin is dropped in, the pinned disc, mounted on the axle and fixed by the clamping rod, begins to rotate. Pins on the disc rear side make the sound comb teeth sound in a particular order. The winding crank and eighteen exchangeable pinned discs are in the set.
    Music media: pinned metal disc.