Disc Musical Boxes

Musical box with metal disk model "Adler"

    Musical box with metal disk model "Adler"

    Germany, Leipzig


    Julius Heinrich Zimmermann

    Wood (walnut), metal, paper

    20 х 16.9 х 23.2 cm, disc diameter 20.9 cm

    Inscriptions on the comb: "Adler Schutz-Marke, Made in Germany"


    Rectangular wooden box with a hinged lid, with latch. The case and cover of the box are veneered with walnut wood. The picture of a girl-angel, two cherubs and an eagle, holding in its beak a ribbon with the inscription "Adler" is on the cover internal side. The girl holds an olive-branch with fruit in one hand, and - an alphorn, which she is playing on in the other. Musical movement consists of a metal disk and the comb for 41 tunes. It is activated by a small lever on the case front side. A pulled out handle for stopping the tunes is there as well. Music media: metal disk.