Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box with clock

    Disc musical box with clock


    Polyphon Musikwerke

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; carving, varnishing, polishing, mechanical work

    62 x 55 x 35 cm, 50 kg

    On chassis: “Polyphon”, “150759”. On the disc: “Radetzky-Marsch”, “STRAUSS”, “1057”. Handwritten inscription on the rear panel: “ERBACKE”


    Disc music box is mounted in wooden walnut-veneered case on the base with locked compartment for storing coins, two chiseled front feet and ornately shaped cornice. Two phials are on the top panel. Carved finial with clock behind round door with faceted glass and is lock between them. The clock is in the tin case. An aperture with spectacle blind, the escapement control is behind it. Silver-plated chapter-ring dial in golden bezel with Arabic numerals for hours’ designation, minutes’ divisions and two ornately shaped hands. An aperture with pin for winding the clock, the spectacle blind and mark in the form of two crossed arrows are on in the central repoussed part. Balance clock movement with pin anchor escapement and the spring motor. A hinged door with glazed arch, slotted corners and chiseled columns are on the front side. Metal ornately shaped onlay with coin slot and keyhole plate and ornately shaped axis onlay for winding crank are on the case right side. Musical movement is fixed on rectangular golden color chassis with the inscription POLYPHON” inside the case. It consists of the bracket with clamping rod with rollers and plunger pin, two sound combs for 118 tones and axis with a set of star wheels designed to transmit effort from the disc pin to the sound comb tooth. Protective vertical panel closes the axis with the set of star wheels when the disk is mounted. When the disc is mounted – the panel moves aside and opens the star wheels. The bracket with fixed axis that matches the disc central aperture is above. Beneath it, behind the glazed there are casing, the disc spring drive, the trigger lever, groove for coin and the circular aperture. As the coin is dropped and the spring is winded, the movement is activated, the disk rotates; the pins hit the corresponding star wheels, those in turn, touch the sound comb teeth, and a melody sounds. Pinned disk with the melody name and author’s name, catalog number and trademark stops automatically. The music box case serves as resonator. The disc, the crank and three keys are in the set. Music media: pinned metal disc.