Disc Musical Boxes

Disc music box "Polyphon Style 105P"

    Disc music box "Polyphon Style 105P"

    Germany, Leipzig


    Polyphon Musikwerke

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; carpentry, veneering, varnishing

    82 x 43 x 121 cm; base 93 x 50 x 92 cm; disc diameter 62.5 cm

    Marks: inscriptions on the door and chassis: “Polyphon”; on the plate: “Georg Engel, Frankfurt a/Main”, “AUTOMATEN”, on the bar: “DRGM ”, “62800”, on the upper bar plunger pin: “8066”, “60”, on details: “13252”, “80”, “5”


    Disc music box mounted in oak-veneered wooden case on the base with locking compartment for storing coins, four chiseled feet and ribbed cornice with ornately shaped finial. Hinged door with glass arch, slotted corners, closed with red fabric from the inner side, chiseled columns, golden-color inscription “Polyphon” and information about the seller on the nameplate: “Georg Engel, Frankfurt a/Main”, “AUTOMATEN” are on the front side. Metal ornately shaped onlay with coins slot is on the case right side, nameplate with the inscription “5 Pfennig”, keyhole plate and winding crank with chiselled onlay are next to it. Metal hinges for suspension are on the rear side upper part. Musical mechanism - driving wheel with cone teeth, bracket with clamping pivoted rod with rollers and plunger pin is inside the case on golden rectangular chassis with the inscription “Polyphon”, two of four rollers that support the disc (the second pair is fixed on the case lateral sides) and four sections of sound combs for 159 tones. The axis with a set of star wheels designed to transmit effort from the disc pin to the sound comb tooth. When the disc is not mounted, vertical protective panel closes the axis with the set of star wheels with lever; when the disk is mounted, the bar moves to the side and opens the star wheels. Trigger lever with counterweight, groove for a coin and round aperture on the bottom panel through which the coin falls in the box are behind. The music-box is mounted on the pedestal with chiseled base on four round supports, with reclining frontwards panel with a handle and lock, carved pilasters on the sides and panel with composed veneering in the center.

    When a 5-pfennig coin is dropped and the spring is tightened up, the movement is activated, the disk rotates; the pins hit the corresponding star wheels that, in turn, touch the sound comb teeth, and the melody sounds. The disk stops automatically. The music box case serves as a resonator. Eighteen 62.5 cm diameter discs and two keys are in the set. Musical media: pinned metal disc.