Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box "Polyphon"

    Disc musical box "Polyphon"

    Germany, Leipzig


    Polyphon Musikwerke

    Wood, metal, steel, brass, glass; casting, carpentry, veneering, polishing, wood carving, mechanical work

    236 x 84.5 x 44 cm

    Inscriptions on the moulding, chassis and medallion: “Polyphon”; on the nameplate: “Versuche”, “den Automaten anders als durch / Einwurf eines 5 Pfennig Stückes / zum Spielen zu bringen, warden strafrechtlich verfolgt”. On the upper bar plunger pin: "6584". On the medallion: “MARQUE DE FABRIQUE SCHUTZMARKE TRADE MARK”


    Disc music box walnut veneered wooden case is mounted on the socle with a lockable drawer, two chiselled feet and profiled moulding, stepped finial with carved ornament, balustrade and spires at the corners. Opening door with the glazed arch, slotted corners, chiselled columns and the inscription “Polyphon” is on the front side. Metal figured onlay with coins slot is on the case right side. A sign with the warning inscription in German, key plate with the key and ornately shaped axis plate for the crank are near it. Musical movement is mounted on golden color rectangular chassis with the inscription “Polyphon” is inside the case. Round metal Trademark medallion in twisted frame in the shape of a girl’s figure with a laurel wreath and harp is fixed above the chassis. A comet with the inscription “Polyphon” on its tail is drifting by. A scroll with inscriptions in German, English and French is beneath. The machine is mounted on a pedestal with ornately shaped base on four round supports, with the hinged front panel with handle and lock, carved pilasters on the sides and a panel with inlaid veneer in the center. A drawer with compartments for removable pinned metal disks is fixed on the panel inner side. When a five-pfennig coin is dropped and the spring is wound, the coin falls from the groove through the aperture in the box, the motor is activated, the disk rotates, the pins touch the corresponding crawler-wheels that, in turn, touch the sound combs teeth and the melody sounds. The disk stops automatically. The case is a soundboard. 56 cm discs, a crank and two keys are in the set. Music media: pinned metal disc.