Disc Musical Boxes

Disc musical box

    Disc musical box

    Germany, Leipzig

    Symphonion Musikwerke

    Wood, metal, paper

    30.4 х 16.7 х 29.5 cm; disc 29.5 см


    Wooden box, metal button for opening the lid is in the box upper part. On the lid of the casket is A drawing with six coats of arms inserted in a circular pattern is on the lid. The inscription "Symphonion Brevete Patent" and painting on the corners are on the lid as well. The lever for the movement ending is on the façade central part. The activating lever is on the case left side. A row of pins is on the disc rear side. When the disc rotates, the pins cling to the metal comb plates and a melody sounds. The comb consists of two parts, 36 tones each. The box range is 72 tones. Music media: metal disk.