Disc Musical Boxes

Disk musical box “Polyphon 104U”

    Disk musical box “Polyphon 104U”

    Germany, Leipzig


    Polyphon Musikwerke

    Metal, wood, glass, steel, brass; carving, turning, varnishing, carpentry, mechanical work

    72.3 x 129.5 x 37.5 cm; disc diameter 50 cm

    On the cornice and on the trademark: “Polyphon”; on the clamping rod clip: “11614”. On the driving mechanism mounting plate: “D.R.G.M.”, “А”, “56”. On the disc: “Hymne national anglais”, “God save the Queen”, “Heil Dir in Siegerkranz”, “Carey”, “5048”, “MADE IN LEIPZIG”


    Disk musical box “Polyphon 104U” is housed in walnut veneered wooden case, on the socle with locking drawer the coins storage,  with two chiselled front feet and ribbed cornice with the inscription “Polyphon”. Two racks with chiseled elements are on the top panel. A clock in tin varnished case is mounted between those racks behind round door with faceted glass and lock. Silver-plated chapter-ring dial in golden bezel with hours' graduations by Arabic numerals and minutes' divisions, two ornately-shaped hands. An aperture with the pin for winding the clock  and two crossed arrows icon is in the central part. Balance clockwork with verge escapement and spring motor. Opening door with the glazed arch, slotted corners and chiseled columns is on the front side. Metal figured onlay with a coin slot, onlay for the lock and axis chiselled onlay for the crank is on the right side. Musical movement is fixed on chassis inside the case.  After lowering a coin and winding the spring, the mechanism is activated, the coin from the groove falls on the starting lever, then through an aperture - in the box, the disk rotates, the pins touch the corresponding sprocket wheels, which, in turn, touch the sound comb teeth and the melody sounds. Metal disc with the tune title, the author's name, the catalog number and the trademark stops automatically.  Disk, crank and three keys are in the set. The melody of the national English anthem “God save the Queen” is encoded on the disc. Musical media: metal disc.