Disc Musical Boxes

Disk music box “Adler No. 220”

    Disk music box “Adler No. 220”

    Germany, Leipzig

    Circa 1900

    Julius Heinrich Zimmermann

    Wood, metal, paper, steel; mechanical and carpentry work, varnishing, veneering, decalcomania, lithography

    15.8 x 22.6 x 19.1 cm, disc diameter 18 cm

    Inscription on the ribbon: “ADLER”; on the nameplate: trademark featuring an eagle with spread wings with ribbon in its beak against the sun rays and the inscriptions: “ADLER / SCHUTZ-MARKE”,“Made in Germany”, on the disc:“No. 1119 / Mein Mütterl war ... ”


    Musical box in mahogany veneered wooden case, varnished, closed with lid with stopper, latch with ornately shaped onlays and goldish inscription “Adler”, on four chiselled supports. Lithograph with the image of an eagle with spread wings and ribbon with the inscription “ADLER”, a herald angel in white tunic and goldish drapery with horn and olive branch hovers in the blue-sky clouds is above it, and frolicking cupids is on the lid inner surface. Horizontal slot with winding lever and pullout button for activating the mechanism are on the case front side. Musical movement is mounted on black chassis inside the case. The axle on the left combines with the pinned disc central aperture; the rack with clamping rod with rollers and clamping rod retainer are on the right. The axle with a set of sprocket wheels designed to transfer effort from the disk pin to the sound comb tooth is between the nameplate with the trademark and sound comb with thirty-three steel teeth. Arcuate concaves on which the disk rests are on the case front and rear sides.

    When the movement is winded and activated, the disc starts rotating, the pins touch the corresponding sprocket wheels, which, in turn, touch the sound comb teeth, and a melody sounds.

    In case the button is pressed after activating the mechanism, the disc stops automatically, if the button is left protruded, it continues to rotate, and melody is repeated. 18 cm diameter metal pinned disc with goldish trademark, catalog number and melody title in three languages is in the set. Music media: pinned metal disc.