Disc Musical Boxes

Salon disc music box “Adler No 260”

    Salon disc music box “Adler No 260”

    Germany, Leipzig

    The 1900s

    Jules Heinreich Zimmerman

    Walnut wood, metal; carpentry and mechanical work, polishing, casting

    27.5 x 63.5 x 49.7 cm, disc 41 cm

    On the disc: “No 4160/ Wenn die Blätter leise rauschen/ Waltzelied./Paul Linke”; similar half-erased inscriptions in English and French. Half-erased goldish trademark


    Rectangular tabletop type box made of walnut wood and mirror polished is mounted on four low chiselled feet. The case lower part is framed with stepped plinth. Rosewood impending hinged lid closes the case with walnut panel framed by panel strip. Lithograph featuring a company of putti dancing and playing musical instruments among the ancient ruins is on the lid inner side.

    Wooden panel with cast chassis, on which musical mechanism with two sound combs located towards each other and axis with a set of sprocket wheels between them is mounted inside the case. Ninety-one teeth are on two sound combs. Vertical spindle on which the disk is fixed is to the left of sound combs. The sprocket wheel that transmits motion to the disc is on the right.

    Arched bracket of folding clamping rod with rollers and clamping rod plunger pin is above the sprocket. Two racks with support rollers for the disc are fixed close to the bracket; two other rollers are on the case inner sides. Cast chassis is painted black, goldish volumetric letters "ADLER" are outlined against it. Narrow compartment with spring motor that rotate the program disk is in the case right part. The mechanism is activated by lever. Winding hole for the crank, decorated with metal rosette is located on the case right side. The disc is installed on the spindle through its central aperture; the sprocket wheel teeth run into the perforated apertures, supporting rollers impart certain curve to the disc for stiffness. When the movement is winded and activated, the disc starts to rotate, the pins touch corresponding sprocket wheels, which, in turn, touch the sound comb teeth and a melody sounds. The disc stops after a single pass. Forty-one cm diameter marginal perforated tin disc and winding crank are in the set.