Musical Houseware

Mechanical piggy bank “MONKEY BANK”

    Mechanical piggy bank “MONKEY BANK”


    The 1930-1940s

    Cast iron; casting, painting

    19.6 х 6.8 х 16.7 сm, 1406 gr

    On the base top side: "MONKEY BANK"


    Mechanical higgy bank in the form of two figures, a grinder with barrel organ on his chest and a monkey, on rectangular green pedestal with golden border. A monkey with the open mouth sits at the end of a long swivel lever and looks at the organ grinder. A trigger lever is behind the monkey in the pedestal wall. When it is pressed, the long lever is released and sharply rotates due to the spring movement. The monkey jumps to the organ grinder, and a coin placed in its mouth slides inside the barrel organ. The toy is made of cast iron and painted with bright colours. A relief "gilded" name "MONKEY BANK" is on the pedestal top. Such toys were popular at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when a grinder with a monkey was a common phenomenon in town streets.