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Mechanical piggy bank "Elephant with palantine"

    Mechanical piggy bank "Elephant with palantine"

    USA, Lancaster

    first half of the 20th century

    Hubley Manufacturing Company

    Cast iron; casting, painting


    A cast iron mechanical piggy bank in the form of an elephant with a blanket and palanquin on its back. The elephant is painted gray, the blanket is blue with gold fringe, palanquin is red-cinnamonic with gold trim along the contour, tusks are ivory white. The figure is comprised of two halves, tightened by screw. A trunk and a tail of the elephant are hinged and rotate up and down. The extension for coins is on the trunk tip.  A slot for coins is in the palanquin. When the tail is lifted manually, the trunk also rises to the back, and a coin falls into the slot.