Musical Houseware

Musical ceramic panel "The Rütli oath"

    Musical ceramic panel "The Rütli oath"


    circa 1880

    Thomas & Krannig

    Wood, metal, fabric, glass; casting, painting, silk-screen printing, mechanical work

    63 x 46 x 10 cm, 4 kg

    On the ribbon below the figures: “Wir wollen sein ein einig volk von brüdern”, overprint on the panel rear side: “CHRISTOF SCHMID Rombachtäll 21 5022 RROMBACH 2 064 24 20 02”; handwritten inscription: “Restauriert 10.7.74 / gek. **** ftland Flohmarkt 74”


    Niche with the composition "The Rütli oath" is in carved wooden frame, under glass. Composed of white biscuit and artistically painted in soft tints, the composition depicts three men in the Medieval clothes on the background of snow-capped mountains. A ribbon with the inscription in German - “WIR WOLLEN SEIN EIN EINIG VOLK VON BRÜDERN” (WE WANT TO BE A SINGLE PEOPLE OF BROTHERS) is below the figures. The niche is framed with multi-color image of arch in the form of the Swiss chalet on black background.
    Musical movement with cylinder for two tunes and sound comb is mounted in wooden case that covers the panel rear side. The built-in crown and trigger are located on the case right side.