Musical Houseware

Mechanical piggy bank “JOLLY NIGGER BANK”

    Mechanical piggy bank “JOLLY NIGGER BANK”




    Cast iron, steel; moulding, colouring

    14.6 х 13 х 16.3 cm, 1813 gr

    On the figurine back: “JOLLY NIGGER BANK”


    Mechanical  piggy bank in the form of a black man's bust in red shirt with white collar and black bow tie. The figure is made of cast iron and consists of two halves, fastened with screws; turning right hand with a spade-like palm. The movement is mounted inside the man's body. The hand, tongue and eyes move when the lever on the rear side of the left shoulder is pressed. The bottom of the case is covered with steel plate, fastened with a screw. When the coin is placed on the palm and the lever is pressed, the hand rises sharply to the mouth, the tongue moves back and the coin falls into the body.