Mechanical Musical Instruments and Objects

Mechanical Musical Instruments and Objects

The history of mechanical music dates back to ancient times. Having emerged back in the antiquity this original field of technical progress has been developing for more than two thousand years and it has incorporated the most advanced achievements of mechanics and natural sciences. Applied mechanics and physics were the basis for all the mechanisms of entertainment industry of the past; and the development of this field went hand in hand with scientific progress. For centuries this field has been attracting attention of famous scientists, engineers, fine mechanics masters and creators of musical instruments and clocks.


Musical mechanics is the centerpiece of the exhibition of Museum Collection fund; it is the pivot point from which the history of the creation of the Museum started. This is the reason why the collection "Mechanical Musical Instruments and Objects" presents the whole range of self-operating musical instruments – from simple small organs to perfect automata pianos, most complicated orchestrions and unique automata.

Despite the “serious” age of the exhibits that include some rare items with a history over three hundred years, all of them have been restored and are operational. The geography of the collection gives a comprehensive idea about the level and progress of this area of engineering in European countries and countries of North America.

Amazing and mysterious features of these exhibits (exquisiteness of finishing, movement's perfectness, incomprehensible ability to operate without human input, unusually natural sound appearing from "the God knows where") will be of interest both for professional experts and for a wide range of visitors of various ages.


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