Russian Enamel

Silver cutlery set “Egoist”: spoon, fork, knife [in the “Nikolay Linden” case]

    Silver cutlery set “Egoist”: spoon, fork, knife [in the “Nikolay Linden” case]

    Russian Empire, Moscow


    Rückert Friedrich workshop

    Silver, enamel, steel - the knife blade, wood - the case; painted filigree enamel, gilding, granulating

    Knife length - 21 cm; spoon length - 16.8 cm; fork length - 16.7 cm

    Marks: on all cutlery set pieces: workshop mark “ФР”; tee of Moscow District Assay department for 1908-1917 with alloy "84" and the Greek letter "delta" (on the fork and spoon - in the form of a spade); alloy "875". Mark on the knife blade in Cyrillic: "Тво МАКАРОВОЙ СЪ Сми". The inscription in Cyrillic on the case lid inner side beneath coat of arms: "Николай Линденъ. С.ПБургъ Невскiй пр.83"


    Silver cutlery set “Egoist” is made in the Neo-Russian style and consists of a spoon, a fork and a knife. The set is embedded in wooden box-case of N.G. Linden store, in which it was sold. The knife has wide rectangular steel blade rounded at the end and round slightly expanding towards the end handle. The handle bottom part is decorated with fancy flowers on thin stem with leaves that are painted over filigree enamel and completed with granulated beads. The upper part of the handle is decorated with a spiral bluish ribbon rimmed with blue enamel. A row of stylized bows of painted filigree enamel with granulated beads is on the ribbon.

    Spoon with oval smooth deep cup, with smooth, rounded at the base and extending towards the end handle. The spoon external side bottom part of its handle are decorated with granulated and painted enamel on filigree floral ornament, repeating the ornament of the knife handle. Precisely the same the same enamel ornament adorns the four-nib fork smooth, rounded at the base and extending to the end handle (the pattern is placed on the external sides of the nibs and on the handle).  The color scheme of enamels is based on the combination of navy-blue, green, blue, yellow red and violet shades.

    The cutlery set “Egoist” could be used as a travel set.