Russian Enamel

Photo frame [in the case]

    Photo frame [in the case]

    Russia, Saint-Petersburg


    Ivan Britzin enamel, gold and silverware workshop "Russian Enamel"

    Silver, ivory, glass; enamel over guillochе, casting, embossing, presswork, gold-plating

    13.7 х 9.4 х 0.9 cm

    Imitation marks: "FABERGE", "A.N"; tee and identification marks of St. Petersburg District Assay office 1908-1917. Silver alloy "84"


    Silver rectangular table photo frame with ornately shaped kickstand at the rear side covered with an ivory plate. The frame surface is covered with red transparent enamel over guilloche background and decorated with plates comprised of silver laurel wreaths (at the top) and flower rosettes (in the corners). The top features a bowknot with fluttering ribbons. The external edge of the frame is decorated with narrow band of acanthus leaves, the inner edge is in the shape of oval medallion for a photograph and is decorated with the band of pearl-shaped beads. The ornamental decoration of the frame is realized in the Neo-classic style. The frame is enclosed in wooden box.


    The available marks of C. Fabergé’s Company and A. Nevalainen workshop are imitations, they are not genuine. But the fragments of the altered original manufacturer’s mark, the form of the frame and its ornamental decoration enable us to assume that this item was created in I.S. Britsin’s jewellery workshop. I.S. Britsin was considered to be one of the best Russian enamellists and owned a workshop for manufacturing gold, silver and enamelled goods, he was a former jeweller and enamellist at C. Fabergé’s firm. In Saint Petersburg the work of such top quality could be realised only by C. Fabergé’s Company or in Britsin's jewellery workshop the works of which were quite close in style and technique to those of the renowned court firm.