Russian Enamel

Table clock

    Table clock

    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Ivan Britzin enamel, gold and silverware workshop "Russian Enamel"

    Silver, glass, ivory; enamel over guilloche, casting, embossing, gold-plating

    Marks: "И.Б"; tee of St. Petersburg district Assay department 1908-1917, "88"


    Table clock in silver frame, with ornately shaped mount leg-kickstand on the rear side, covered with an ivory plate.

    Round enamel dial with black scale graduations and gilt openwork clock hands, framed with convex wide frieze is set in the square-cut frame. The clock surface is decorated with three types of guilloche patterns (rays-shaped on the dial, moire on wide frieze and scale-shaped in the corners), covered with opal (the dial), white and light blue transparent enamel. Plated silver olive tree branchlets emphasize the frame corners. White enamel narrow stripe rims the frame external edge and the dial wide convex frieze.The clock is decorated in the Neo-classical style.