Russian Enamel

Ladle (in branded box)

    Ladle (in branded box)

    Russia, Moscow


    Fabergé firm, Rückert Friedrich workshop

    Silver; gilding, cloisonné enamel, gold seeded into enamel

    Length 3.8 cm

    Marks: " К.ФАБЕРЖЕ"; double-headed eagle; "ФР"; Tee of Moscow District Assay Department 1908 - 1917; alloy "88"


    Small round ladle with low sides tapering to the crown, with flat ornately shaped grip, decorated with enamel over filigree in the Neo-Russian style. A girdle of diamonds and circles linked at the top by a strip of turquoise enamel with gold seeded into it is under the ladle crown, accentuated by filigree braid. Composition of geometric figures (triangle surrounded by circles) against the turquoise background, with seeded gold ornates the grip.

    The enamel colour scheme is built on a combination of turquoise, blue, white, and yellow-orange tints. The ladle is embedded in authentic branded box of  Faberge shop.


    Инв. 3020.1-2/ДПИ