Russian Enamel



    Russia, St. Petersburg


    Fabergé firm, Anders Nevalainen gold and silverware workshop

    Silver; enamel over guilloche, punchwork, gilding

    6.8 х 7.0 х 5.6 cm

    Marks: "K. FABERGE", double-headed eagle; "A.N.", T-shaped mark of Saint-Petersburg district Assay Department, silver alloy mark "88", inventory number "14316"


    Small cylindrical mug, on three ball-shaped legs, with a lift-up lid, with a stopper heel and a figured handle, made in the manner of the 18th century. The mug body is decorated with transparent red enamel over the guilloche background, and three red insets of silver ten-kopeck coins of 1748 with the portrait of Empress Elizaveta Petrovna. The lift-up lid with a stopper heel in the shape of a ball is also decorated with transparent red enamel over guilloche, and in the centre has a round insert of a silver 25-kopeck coin (a quarter of a rouble) 1783 with the portrait of Empress Catherine the Great.
    The handle is plain, free from any decor.