Russian Enamel

Single tea set (in the box)

    Single tea set (in the box)

    Russia, Moscow


    Gustav Klingert gold and silverware factory

    Silver; champleve enamel, enamel over filigree, gilding

    Tea cup: height 7.2 cm; diameter 7.5 cm. Saucer: diameter 12.7 cm. Spoon: length 11.2 cm

    Marks: cup: "GK", "A.A/ 1891", "84", Moscow city emblem. Saucer: "KLINGERT", "A.P / 1891", "84". Spoon: "GK", "A.S/ 1891", "84", Moscow city emblem


    A set of a tea cup, a saucer and a spoon.
    The cup has a round shape, high profiled stem, and a figured handle in the form of a caulis with two leaves. The saucer is round, on a low circular stem, with a wide, slightly raised rim and plain profiled edge. The spoon with a deep plain oval cup, a rounded, partially twisted stem with a knobble finial. The cup body, the saucer rim and the external surface of the spoon are decorated with blue-white-red geometric champleve-enamel carpet pattern of six-facet rosettes made of cells. Blue-white-red enamel over filigree decorates the spoon knobble finial.

    The set is placed in wooden box with the inscription inside: "B.S. Shole / Odessa"