Western European Metal Artworks

Model of a warship, the period of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603)

    Model of a warship, the period of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603)

    United Kingdom, London


    Charles & Richard Comyns

    Silver, Ebony; casting, chasing, engraving

    Length 52 cm

    Hallmarks: "C&R C"; London Assay office mark; sterling silver,


    Model of a warship belonging to the time of Elizabeth I (1558-1603), the Queen of England. It is placed on a rectangular shaped ebony base. The model is with the keel, three masts, flattering banners (including one at the stern), with five hoisted goosewing and gaff sails. The engraved heraldic emblem - Tudor Rose under the crown is on one of them. A basket (the so-called "mars" or "crow's nest") with looking out sailors is on each mast . The ship's hull has a textured surface that resembles wood panelling. The cordage (rigging} of the ship, its crew and cannons on the deck are reproduced in the smallest details. They are visible through the apertures located on both sides of the board. The top-hamper bristles atop the stern. The lanterns and the engraved coat of arms are in the stern. The cocked snout of the ship ends with the bowsprit with a swayed up gaff sail.