Western European Metal Artworks

Nave-ship (table decoration)

    Nave-ship (table decoration)

    Western Europe

    late 19 th century

    Silver; casting, chasing, engraving

    Height 48 cm


    Table decoration, a vessel in the form of a three-masted ship with flattering banners, one of which is fixed on the stern, six hoisted goosewing sails. A basket (the so-called "mars" or "crow's nest") for looking out sailors is on each mast. The ship's hull is decorated with chased images of mythological figures surrounded by floral patterns. The cortage (rigging) of the ship, its crew and the cannons on the deck are performed in the smallest details. A high staired tower with two minarets on the sides is standing in the central part of the ship. The deck top-hammer is in the stern. The cannon, the sailors and the steerage of the ship are located on its roof. The cannon and the figures of two sailors are located on the snout of the ship, that is shaped in the form of a spout-drain. The nave-ship is fixed on four openwork wheels.