Western European Metal Artworks

Nave-ship (table decoration)

    Nave-ship (table decoration)

    Germany, Hanau

    late 19th century

    Georg Roth & Co

    Silver; casting, chasing, engraving

    Height 73.6 cm

    Hallmarks:"GR","800", German


    Table decoration in the form of a three-masted ship with flattering banners, with eight hoisted goosewing sails. The engraved images are on the sails. A a basket (so-called "mars" or "crow's nest") with looking out sailors is on each mast. The ship's hull is decorated with chased images of mythological and floral patterns. The cordage (rigging} of the ship, its numerous crew and cannons on the deck are reproduced in the tiny details. Trunks of the guns can be seen through the apertures located on the boards on both sides. The deck top-hammer is in the stern. It is covered by a roof. The lights are on the stern. The snout of the ship is designed in the form of an openwork lattice with descending anchor. It is completed by a bowsprit with a small mast at the end, hoisted square sail and a basket with a looking out sailor. The nave-ship is fixed on four openwork wheels.