Western European Metal Artworks

Hanukkah lamp with music movement

    Hanukkah lamp with music movement

    Great Britain, London


    A.Taite & Sons Ltd.

    Silver; casting, presswork

    Height 27.2 cm

    Hallmarks: "AT&SN"; London Assay office mark


    Hanukkah lamp in the shape of a temple light - Menorah (lamp with 7 lights). Four tetrahedral "trunks" with lanterns recede to the left and to the right from the central axis (trunk) that is located on four square profiled feet, and topped with the Star of David. An additional candle - "Shamash" is attached to the front of the axis (trunk), all other candles are subsequently lightened from it. Hanukaia is equipped with music movement located in the base of the lamp. It plays a tune at the request of the owner.