Russian Metal Artworks

Pair of candlesticks for one candle

    Pair of candlesticks for one candle

    Russian Empire, Moscow

    The 1830s

    Artistic bronze workshop of Yakov Samarin

    Brass, wood, fabric; casting, knurling, gilding, mounting

    Height 31.0 cm, diameter 12.9 cm

    Marks (on each): “МЯС”


    Pair of gilded brass (?) candlesticks for one candle; comprised of the stem in the shape of tapering downwards column and ending with ornately shaped cup on the neck, round base and candle cup in the form of crater vase. The column is adorned with mesh ornament with stylized rosette inside. The composition of fluted columns with capitals connected by lancet, semicircular ornately shaped arches, with quadrifoil and stylized foliage patterns inside is on the base and on the candle cup. The cup neck and candle cup lower part are decorated with spoon-shaped grooves.